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"That's a bargain!
How soon can you deliver?"

You can have even more of your prospects saying exactly this while
you make more profitable sales than you've ever made before!


Find out how from my 'Pricing By Value' DVD

Pricing By Value is about how you set your fees and it's about the entire Sales Conversation that culminates in prospects saying, "That's a bargain! How soon can you deliver?"

When you meet a prospect and you're hoping to make a sale, the way you discover their needs and wants is a vital part of the process.  You need to get the prospect to understand for themselves the value of having their problem fixed, and to then set your fees accordingly.

Free yourself to delight your clients to the maximum.  Most firms undercharge for their services because prospects tell them their fees are too expensive, and they go and reduce them.  The real reason for "too expensive" is explained in the DVD.

Abandon time-based billing and cost-plus pricing

Right from the very first time you implement the ideas I show you, your fees will almost certainly be higher than with the old methods, yet more of your prospects will insist they're getting a bargain, and will want you to deliver yesterday.  Just as I found the first time I tried these techniques.

Pricing By Value discusses:

  • The many downsides of cost-plus pricing and time-based billing
  • The five biggest mistakes which are commonly made in traditional sales conversations
  • The five individual conversations that together make a better sales conversation
  • The five top excuses people come up with for not giving these ideas a try
  • The many reasons why both parties gain enormously from a better sales conversation

Pricing By Value examines the things that you believe will stop you from successfully applying the techniques I teach you.  Within days you will be successfully putting these ideas into practice.

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Pricing By Value DVD

£99.00 +VAT (total £118.80 for UK customers),
£118.80 for overseas customers - Free P&P for all!

A receipted invoice will be sent to you with your DVD

These techniques really work!

Clients will beg to buy from you, and you will rarely be challenged on price ever again!

"Conducting meetings as David suggested has produced some outstanding results for me.  The fees that I actually collect have increased by a step change but more importantly, in all cases the client/advisor bond is much stronger and this has led to lots of incremental business.
- Nigel Denny, Cornerstone Management Initiatives Ltd.

"I would recommend 'Pricing By Value' to anyone who currently bases their pricing on estimated time to complete a task, what they normally charge, guessing what the competition charge, plucking figures out of the air, or any combination of these.  Because you should probably be aligning your fees to the value your clients are getting from you.  It's obvious when you think about it - or at least, it is after 'Pricing By Value'!"
- Julian Price,

"'Pricing By Value' has helped me talk in terms of value to my clients, so they fully appreciate what it is that I'm bringing to them.  This has changed the way I do business - Forever!"
- Ian McKendrick -

"That's hugely profitable!"


The Pricing By Value DVD is 75 minutes of intense instruction on how to set your fees in line with the value perceived by your client, and how to integrate this technique into the entire Sales Conversation.  Ideas are explained for helping your prospects understand for themselves the full value of having their performance improved - whatever form their issues may take - by purchasing from you, and then how to complete the path that ends with agreement between both parties, such that the client is getting enormous value for a bargain investment, whilst the professional is getting a highly profitable reward.

Anyone who has the responsibility and flexibility to set the price of their services when in conversation with a prospective client will derive enormous value from this DVD.  Not only does it explain why time- and cost-based billing are in neither the professional's nor the client's best interests, but it also discusses the various forces which might conspire against you implementing these superior techniques, and gives powerful practical methods of counteracting them.

A Stepping-Stone and Aide Memoire

I want to be absolutely honest with everyone.  This DVD is not in the form of structured lessons and exercises.  It is a recording of the Pricing By Value Workshop, skilfully edited to preserve as much as possible of the instruction and the mood of the event, in well under half the time.

This DVD is not designed to replace attendance on my Pricing By Value Workshop, my Discovery Day or membership of any of my Selling Without Selling Programmes.  It is a reasonably priced stepping-stone between my free books and events, and full membership of Selling Without Selling.  Additionally, attendees at the events and members of the programmes will find it a considerable aide memoire for the future, and that it offers the opportunity for unlimited refresher training for a one-off charge.

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Click Buy Now to use your PayPal account, credit or debit card

Pricing By Value DVD

£99.00 +VAT (total £118.80 for UK customers),
£118.80 for overseas customers - Free P&P for all!

A receipted invoice will be sent to you with your DVD

If you would rather pay by bank transfer or cheque, please request an invoice below.  Please note: Your DVD will not be sent to you until cleared funds are received.

£99.00 +VAT (total £118.80 for UK customers), £118.80 for overseas customers - Free P&P for all!

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